Body Mask To Clear Body Skin & Purify.

Amazing For Skin Problems Like Eczema & Psoriasis!
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Skin Firming, Skin Bumps, Eczema, Psoriasis Acne, Purifying!

Results For Acne & Clear Skin: Expect immediate results when it comes to acne on the body, including back acne and chest acne. Loaded with dead sea minerals this Body mud Mask is simply applied and left on for a few minutes and then rinsed off. Its therapeutic effects outweigh any cream or lotion that we have seen. This mask is not just dead sea mud and minerals but also a very special ingredient called zinc pca!

Results For Skin Firming: In recent studies Rhassoul Clay was shown to have a 14% increase in skin firmness. The closest lotion had only 3%. Now you understand why we sell so many body masks for skin firming!

Results For Eczema & Psoriasis: Detoxification of the body is one of the most important and gratifying things that you can do for your body! The body stores most toxins in fat making fat very hard to burn but more importantly it did not really dispose of these toxins. Our Ultimate Body Wrap will put out these harmful toxins. The result is easy to burn fat and a much healthier body. You will feel the difference!

Ingredients Make The Difference: Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Minerals have long been used to eliminate many skin problems including eczema, psoriasis and other skin rashes. The dead sea has a positive effect on these skin conditions and skin rashes like no other ingredients in the world. Our Body Mask can be applied and left on or it can be added to the bath. Very easy to use!


Body Mask Has Numerous Benefits - read!

Get Your Skin Healthy - Start Today With Body Mask!

Remember that Our Mask is 100% organic & Paraben & Chemical Free! Truly organic skin care products that work well:

  • Instant purifying Effects
  • Skin Detoxification
  • Skin Tightening Where Used
  • Great for acne prevention
  • Odor Reduction Through Detoxification
  • great for acne elimination
  • psoriasis & eczema Relief Fast
  • 4 amazing ingredients for skin
  • Body Circulation Improved
  • proved Skin Firming (tighten skin)
  • elimination of overly oily skin
  • Minerals For Clear skin
  • Insomnia Reduction by Toxin Elimination
  • Attacks Cellulite
  • Great Breast Firming
  • Facial Firming Masks available
  • Tighten Neck Skin
  • Prevention of Acne & Bumps
  • Muscle & Joint Pain Reductions
  • Works At root cause of toxin buildup
  • no Chemicals / Paraben Free
  • Purifies To Clear acne All oVer
  • Prevention of Problems
  • used for centuries for Skin rashes
  • prevention of eczema symptoms
  • Body Makeover for women and men
  •  prevention of psoriasis symptoms
  • Order the Ready Made Kit
  • Reduction of Dry Skin Proven
  • Reduction of Psoriasis & Eczema
  • Amazing Detox benefits For Skin & Body


To name just a few of the things that many other beauty products can't do from the organic nature - highly effective!
No parabens, no preservatives - completely natural!

Clear Skin, Firm Skin, Prevent Future Skin Rash Symptoms

read below.."

Our Body Mask Is Like a Dream Come True For Those That Skin Problems,
Detoxification, Firming, Symptom Relief & Hundreds More Benefits!

What To Expect - Permanent Inch Loss - Weight Loss?:

Inch Loss is instant and permanent. Inch loss and weight loss are also governed by how toxic the fat is. The higher levels of toxins the harder the fat becomes to burn. It is sludge! by simply removing the toxins the fat is able to be burned extremely efficiently by the body. Many customers lose 10 lbs in a week and keep it off with proper maintenance and body detoxification. Many see a much faster metabolism resulting in long term weight loss.

Detoxify and Feel Amazing - Look Amazing!

It is estimated that 99% of the diseases are because of high body toxicity. The body's natural reaction is to store toxins in the fat of the body. Most natural based medical doctors believe that all disease is based in high toxicity levels in the body and the skin. Body wrap not only have a slimming effect on the body and a skin tightening effect but also a detoxifying effect on the skin and fat cells that hold toxins. Health is vital! Check out our

I am so glad that I tried your body mask!

"I have back acne and body acne that nothing has cleared. I tried your body mask and had results within 1 week. Very good and lasting results.

Mark Clayton

You can benefit from the amazingly effective formulas that I discovered.



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